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This page links to downloadable reference material, much of which Ed produced himself.

USCG Inspector Training Course Material:


Ed was one of the authors of this Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) which is the U.S. Coast Guard's principal policy guidance for inspections of wooden small passenger vessels.  This is a particularly clean version of this document, with minimal scanning distortion.

Corrosion, Corrosion Protection, and its Effects on Wood Boats

This is a draft of an updated section on wood boat corrosion problems, intended for a planned future update to NVIC 7-95. (Ed wrote the corrosion section in NVIC 7-95  He felt that he could improve on that, thus this revision).


3D models showing various types of wood hull construction:

We formerly posted 3D pdfs of 3D models of a number of wood hull construction types that we created for the Maritime Technical Services USCG Marine Inspector Wood Boat Training Courses.  However, it has come to our attention that these files were being used in other training courses without our knowledge, without permission, and without proper credit to the owners or creators, so we have removed them. 

Notes on Viewing 3D Models


General Wooden Boat Reference Material:

List of Ed McClave's Articles in WoodenBoat Magazine