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Technical Information

3D Models from the Spartan Project:

(The hull shape information used to create 3D models of Herreshoff-built boats comes from the Herreshoff offset books provided by the Hart Nautical Collection of the MIT Museum.  3D models of Herreshoff Hardware are based on Herreshoff Mfg. Co. Plans provided by the Hart Collection.)


Notes on Viewing 3D Models

3D Model of Hull of Herreshoff 711 (New York Fifty) Class

Don't look too closely at this one - it's still a bit unfinished - not yet completely faired.


Wood-Shell Block  (1-inch medium single block  the 2D plan of this block is linked below)

This block is one of almost a hundred of various sizes and configurations built for Spartan from our adaptations of the original Herreshoff Mfg. Co. designs.  Lowe Hardware did the metal work; French & Webb did the woodwork and assembly.  The blocks all have Naval Brass straps and sheaves (and liners in the case of blocks for wire), and Black Locust shells.  The pins are nickel-aluminum bronze and the sheave bushings are one of two different bearing alloys, depending on the design load.  Each sheave has an oil hole, plugged by a set screw, and filled with oiled wool felt cord, to keep the bushing lubricated.   The block pictured here is for wire with a rope tail, thus the wide sheave with a central wire groove and the metal liners for the mortise of the shell.


3D Models of Deck and Rig Hardware from the Spartan Project:

These items are near-copies of the original Herreshoff designs from HMCo. drawings 79-36 and 79-43.  The originals were bronze castings.  For Spartan, these fittings were CNC-machined of solid wrought Naval Brass (C464) stock, directly from these 3D models that we created.  This eliminated a number of time-consuming manufacturing steps including making patterns and cleaning up the castings, and resulted in stronger parts.

Screw-in Fairlead

Screw-in Eye

Screw-in Hook

Topsail Spar Scotchman Fitting

Backstay Hook

Spartan's four backstay hooks, modifications of one shown on HMCo. Drawing 79-32, were CNC-machined directly from this solid model.  The blanks were AISI 4140 steel, hand-forged to the basic shape of the hook before they were machined.     

Notes on Viewing 3D Models


2D CAD Drawings from the Spartan Project:

This is a small selection from more than a hundred drawings we did for the Spartan restoration project.

(These drawings will open with the entire drawing displayed.  Some of the lines may appear quite thin.  Zooming in closer will reveal the details and the lines will appear thicker.)

Many of these drawings are based on hull shape information from the Herreshoff offset books, and on information from Herreshoff Mfg. Co. drawings, provided by the Hart Nautical Collection of the MIT Museum.

Sail Plan

Wood-Shell Block  1-inch medium single blocks with various configurations

(The 3D model of this block is linked above).

Lines Drawing

Deck Layout

Port Inboard Profile

Starboard Inboard Profile

Interior Sections

Interior Fore-and-Aft Panel Work

Construction Sections

Drive Train

Steering System Layout