McClave Marine

BevelGage Software

In 2000, Ed completed and released his software suite BevelGage for Boatbuilders.  As computers evolved, this software has became a bit dated, but it is still useful.  The original distribution was on a CD, with an installation program that worked on the Windows operating systems of the time.  The installation program on the original CD will not work on current 64-bit Windows operating systems.  The BevelGage program, however, still works fine on 64-bit systems. 

If you were an original purchaser of BevelGage when it was offered for sale from about 1999 to 2003, contact us via email <> and we will send you a link to download an updated installation program for BevelGage that will work on any current 32-bit or 64-bit Windows system.

BevelGage is not presently offered for sale.  We are considering releasing BevelGage again, as a shareware program, but no decision on this yet.